My First Post-Processed Photo

Elizabeth by ez4me2c3d
Elizabeth, a photo by ez4me2c3d on Flickr.
Elizabeth and I picked up a Nikon D3100 late last year, as a gift to ourselves. You may have noticed a small improvement in the photographs on our blog since December of 2010. We have been generally shooting on one of the Auto presets, and only sometimes being adventurous enough to use a semi-manual mode.

Whether you shoot in Auto or Manual mode, one thing you may want to do with your photos is enhance them a bit in a post-processing session on your computer. For that task, I have obtained a copy of Adobe Lightroom 3, and am in the beginning stages of learning what all of the little knobs and sliders do.

Here is a photo I took of Elizabeth, and ran it through Lightroom for some post processing. Tell me what you think.

Camera Settings:
Nikon D3100
ISO 400

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