Summer is here and it is HOT!

 early mornings at the park
 riverside days parade

 ice cream at sebastian joes
 relaxing at elm creek pond
 rides in delano for the 4th
 4th of July dinner
 homemade strawberry jam
 first tomatoes ready to pick
 morning walks
csa box- week 6
hamel rodeo!

We have had a busy summer so far. We have taken advantage of our pool and Elm Creek Pond memberships, that is for sure! Anthony, Ethan and I even checked out Cascade Bay a water park in Eagan one really hot weekend. It was fun because Ethan is now able to go down the big water slides with one of us. We have been enjoying our weekly vegetable box and are having fun with new recipes and ways to cook the veggies. One of my favorites so far has been beets chips! 

Next week we will be heading north for the 3rd annual Family cabin trip. This year we are heading to the Gull Lake area. After that long weekend we will be home for a week and then leaving for Florida to visit Anthony's family. It just doesn't slow down- but we love it!