getting ready to be a BIG brother

We took Ethan to a big brother/sister class at the hospital where we will be delivering. It was cute little class. Ethan got to practice swaddling and changing a diaper on a doll. He also got to visit the nursery and see a real baby and see the room I will be in when we have our baby. 

 Ethan's interest in drawing and writing has really grown and he will often make things on his own for Anthony and I. This was a recent note I received-  I "Luf" mom...melt my heart :)



 35 weeks!
 "Dishes are fun mommy"
 Ethan passed his swim lessons :)
"let's go out for donuts for your birthday mom" 


Nature Class

Ethan has been taking classes at the new Eastman Nature Center in Maple Grove. He loves these classes as they revolve around animals and nature. In his most recent class, the kids went outside and built this fort using large sticks.