Another Day at the Beach!

Our beautiful nieces Alyssa & Amber
Ethan  feeling the sand
Testing the water :)
Ok, now to start my sandcastle...
our beautiful beach bum


Ethan at the beach!

Ethan's first view of the ocean!
trying to eat some sand ;)
Me & Mommy!
This was our happy child on the plane- chatting with all the people around us :)

We are having an excellent time- will write & post more pictures soon!


Our Little Ham

So we thought it would be funny to put all of Ethan's stuffed animals around him one night and found out that our little guy loves the camera. 
What a ham!

Daddy's Birthday

Ethan & Daddy working hard
Eating some carrots with my grandparents

Anthony's Birthday dinner @ Buca 
Ethan riding around on Daddy

Well it seems as if overnight our little guy has developed his own little personality! He is this goofy, happy little boy that we just can't get enough of. We celebrated Anthony's birthday on Friday night by going out to dinner with our neighbors. We reserved the "kitchen" table and had the best seat in the house. We even scored a free entree from the head chef thanks to Anthony's sweet-talking.
On Saturday I sent Ethan and Daddy out on some errands while I threw together the last-minute details of a surprise party. Anthony had no idea and was quite pleased with his gift, a new Weber grill from Ethan and Me. We will be eating well this summer! We enjoyed a great afternoon with family and friends. 
My family finally got to see how hilarious it is to feed Ethan. It's funny because all the parenting books tell you that your baby will let you know when they are full, or if they aren't interested. Well if Ethan isn't interested in something we have yet to find that something! This obviously does not apply to our son, who already has his mouth open, ready for the next bite before you can scoop it up. He has learned to drink from his sippy-cup this week and watching him do this is just too cute. 
We will be heading to St. Augustine, FL on June 13th for Anthony's Grandmother's Birthday.We are very excited to see everyone and for them to meet Ethan. I picked out Ethan some adorable swimming trunks and can't wait to to see those little toes in the sand!
Take care,