An 'egg'cellent weekend

Ethan and Grandpa
Check out my cute sweater-vest 

Ethan reading to himself ;)

This weekend we hosted Easter dinner at our house. Ethan enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Krebs as well as Uncle Derek and Bryant. (Anthony and I enjoyed their visit as well :) 

Ethan has definitely learned who his parents are and lets us know that he is not happy when we leave a room anymore. He has also starting reaching out or lean to one of us as the other one is holding him. This of course melts our heart :) He also absolutely loves being read to, and this will soothe him to no end. Our current faves: The Pigeon Has Feelings Too, Daddy Kisses, and Brown Bear Brown Bear. Ethan even attended his first story-time at the library and did quite well. He was a little jealous of all the walkers and crawlers though because there were much cooler toys for them- soon enough right? :)

Take care