Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Ethan's 3rd birthday! We were very excited to have Anthony's mom and our nieces Amber and Alyssa here for the party as well. Ethan picked an animal safari theme for his party and it was really fun to put together. We played pin the tail on the zebra, the kids made binoculars and went on an animal hunt and we had some cool animal hand tattoos. We ate "carnivore chili" in a bag, fruit, veggies and a delicious cake made by uncle Trevor the chef! Once again Ethan was very aware and excited about his "big day" and all the went with it. It was a great party with wonderful friends and family. We LOVE you Ethan!


halloween: 2011

This year for Halloween, we let Ethan pick out his own costume. There were robots, animals, and even aliens to choose from. He picked a hamburger and he was definitely the only hamburger we saw! It was a very enjoyable this year to watch him because he was so into trick or treating. 
We are getting ready to celebrate Ethan's 3rd birthday next week. It is so cliche, but I really can't believe how fast it has gone! Also seeing how excited Ethan was for Halloween this year, I am sure that his birthday and Christmas will be a blast! I have stayed busy this fall, home with Ethan. We have been doing ECFE, story time, gym days, a few home improvement projects, and walks at our favorite park- just to name a few. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away!