february: so far...

Ethan and I are staying busy during this unusual winter we are having. For the month of February, we signed Ethan up for ice skating lessons. He goes every Tuesday and practices standing up, "marching" on the ice and falling down.  On Wednesday mornings, Ethan has ECFE class. It is a parent-child class for the first half and then I meet with the parents in an adjoining room while he continues class. We have also been active in a great mom's group on Meetup for Maple Grove moms. There are usually 3-4 activities per week that we can join, depending on our schedule. We have met some wonderful friends and it is always nice to have things to do :) 


Philadelphia trip

I had the opportunity to tag along for Anthony's most recent business trip. He was in Philadelphia for a week, so we arranged for my parents to watch Ethan and I flew out to join him for half the week. It was a great trip, I am always excited to see and explore a new place and that is just what we did. There was so much character and history to this city that it just made everything more interesting. We took in all the popular sights and walked a good portion of downtown. We enjoyed some really great food there as well. Since we were so close to the coast, we took advantage of the fresh seafood that was popular there. We tried oysters, lobsters rolls, and the best fish and chips I've ever had. (it was from a place that was featured on Food Network- The Dandelion) Of course, we also had to try a cheesesteak. We tried one the the local favorites, Jim's, it was very yummy. All in all a great trip!

Liberty Place 1 & 2

cute little street

row houses 

the LOVE sculpture

the Liberty Bell

Philly Cheesesteaks @ Jims