"Where's Ethan?"

"There he is!"

Catching up!

Anthony and Ethan in DT St. Augustine- behind them is a wall made of mud and shells!
Ethan & I on a morning walk to the beach
Ethan & the Atlantic Ocean!
DT St. Augustine

Ethan and Daddy riding on the boat

Sorry it has taken me so long to catch up! Anthony was gone for two weeks for work and I found that I had little time to do things like this as a "single parent." Anyway we are very happy to have him back and there should be no traveling for a while anyway.

We vacationed in St. Augustine, FL this year with Anthony's family. Most of his mom's side of the family met up at a beach house we rented to spend a week together. We started the week by celebrating his Grandma Carla's 80th Birthday. We had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend this area to anyone. We did everything from renting jet-skis, boating, swimming in the ocean, exploring the history of Dt St. Augustine, to grilling, sunbathing, and reminiscing in our beautiful beach house!

It was a much needed vacation on all accounts- and everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to meet Ethan. Speaking of our little traveler- he really couldn't have done better.



Our goofy guy :)

So tonight when I got Ethan out of the bathtub- he decided to show me this adorable new trick :)