goodbye february

It has been a quiet month for us. Mostly because we have been sick and then sick some more! We are looking forward to the sunshine and hopefully healthy weeks that March should bring. 
This past weekend we had my family in town for a bowling tournament and they stayed with us for a visit. Anthony and I attended his (late) holiday party for the company he works for. It was held at the Calhoun Beach Club and was a really fun night out.

Ethan you are becoming such a little boy these days. You have your own little likes (anything to do with animals and you know a LOT of them) and you hold up one imaginative, often hilarious little conversation. You understand so much and sometimes the connections you make amaze me. You recently came home from school one day and told your dad and I that a little boy at school calls you, "E-on." After some giggles you said, "I'm not E-on, I'm Ethan!" You are growing up too fast little boy...

look at those eyelashes(

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