GrAnD oLd DaY!

The Holloway family had an awesome weekend! On Saturday with the rainy weather, Ethan and I let Anthony sleep in while we went to the brand new Maple Grove Library. I am a huge library person, so seeing not only all the wonderful books & resources it has but also that it is a completely "green" design (right down to the rainwater-catching roof that is used to water the landscaping)you can only imagine my excitement!
On Sunday we went to Grand Old Day in St. Paul as I had never been in all my years of living here. It turned out to be loads of fun. Ethan, our little equestrian, got to cross off one of his "must do" activities. They had free pony rides and he absolutely loved it! He wouldn't even look up for a picture- this is serious riding mommy! 
This week is my last week of school with my little preschoolers. I probably say this every year, but I am really going to miss this bunch of kids. They have a bond with one another that was amazing to see in a 4 year old bunch. Summer- here we come!

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