Busy Busy ApriL!

It seems these days we are moving at the speed of our running little Toddler- yes running! We have been so busy this month that pictures and updates have been lagging- sorry. We celebrated Easter weekend with my parents and brothers, who came to our house for the weekend. We soaked up as much nice weather as possible even playing a competitive game of 3 on 3 after dinner on Sunday (not such a good idea) The following week was very busy for me with parent-teacher conferences which always means assessments, extra hours and a little stress putting it all together. We then left for Lake City, FL for a fun jam-packed wedding weekend. Anthony's younger sister, Amanda married a very nice young man, Brandon who grew up there. It was wonderful seeing Anthony's family, some of whom we haven't seen for over 5 years! This past weekend we attended a spring program at Ethan's school. Even though the Toddler group didn't do much singing or performing, they all looked very cute and our little ham "cheesed" it up pretty well. Speaking of toddlers, Ethan made the transition to the toddler room this Monday and has been doing well. Goodbye infant room, goodbye my little baby! It surprises me how quickly Ethan has become this little kid who can walk, run, sing and just loves to talk! This is going to be such a fun Spring :)

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