pool time

Ethan LOVES the water!

Wow...I cannot believe that August is now over! With the hot summer we've had, we tried to get to the pool as much as possible. Ethan just love swimming like a little fish. He has even become really good at letting us splash him and putting his head in the water. 

I am back in the classroom this week getting everything ready for the new school year. We are also getting ready to transition Ethan to a new school. There is a new center opening very near our house and after looking into it we loved the program. (the distance was the one drawback to his current center). Anthony has now been at his new job for a month and he is really enjoying it. He has already done a lot of traveling, even if it was only to Oklahoma!

We will be officially giving summer its proper send off by having a long weekend at a cabin in Brainerd over Labor Day. My parents and brothers will be joining us as we have not had a vacation together since I was still living at home! It should be a great time...3 more day!

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  1. Love the pool pics. Hope you had a great time at the lake.