Christmas 2012

We hosted an early Christmas at our house with my family. We had our traditional Christmas Eve appetizers and opened presents from each other that night. I started a new tradition with Ethan this year, making homemade cinnamon rolls. (they turned out great!) We have two new little cousins in the mix for Ethan this Christmas, Aiden and Eli. Anthony, Ethan and I enjoyed a quiet Christmas day just the three of us.

 matching pjs for the cousins :)
 our newest nephew, Eli
 homemade cinnamon rolls!
 Ethan getting some practice ;)
 Christmas morning
snowman pancakes!


While Daddy's away...

Unfortunately Anthony has to be in Phoenix for work for most of December. Ethan and I have tried to stay busy while getting ready for Christmas :)

 Christmas trees we decorated with some friends
 a visit to see Santa!
 burger and shake night to feed Ethan's (mommy's) craving
 a sleigh ride pulled by reindeer!
 game night at Starbucks
 plenty of sweets
 a visit to macy's 8th floor holiday display
 playing with the birthday toys
 getting the tree ready
counting down to Christmas!


It's a....


We are so happy and surprised to share that baby #2 will in be a girl! We feel so lucky to have this news and have loved sharing it with family and friends. I think getting the chance to have one of each an already a lucky experience, and for me having three brothers and no sisters makes having a girl that much more meaningful :) 


happy 4th birthday Ethan!

We cannot believe our (not so little anymore) boy turned 4 this week! He is such a sweet and caring boy already and we just know that he is going to be a wonderful big brother. This year was the first year that we did a separate kids and family party. Ethan has acquired quite the little group of friends ;) We decided to do the kids party at the MN Children's Museum, which turned out fantastic. The following weekend we had family over to our house for a little party there. It was nice because Ethan's cousins, great aunt and grandma from Charlotte were able to come up for his birthday again. Ethan requested lasagna for his birthday meal so we served that with salad and bread and some banana caramel cupcakes for dessert- yum!


Welcome to the world Eli!

Very happy to announce the newest member to our family, Eli Jacob Krebs. He was born on November 7, 2012. Congratulations Lacey and Bryant!


happy news!

The happy news that we were able to share this month is that we will soon be a family of 4! My due date is April 15th and we are so excited. Ethan is beyond thrilled to become a big brother and only wishes that the baby would be here sooner (me too Ethan).

We recently had some family photos taken at a local park, so those will be our last professional photos as a family of 3 ;)



 Pony ride at the apple farm.
 train ride
 Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard
 Caleb and Ethan riding a camel
 a nice fall walk
the corm pit


Summer comes to an end...

It's hard to believe that Fall is nearly here. The month of September has been busy for us! Anthony a I went away for Labor Day weekend to celebrate our Anniversary. We stayed at a bed and breakfast near Duluth and explored the split-rock lighthouse and Gooseberry Falls. It was nice to get away just the two of us and it was nice timing as well because Anthony traveled a lot for work.

We are back into our school year- routine as Ethan has started Discovery 3's, his preschool. He attends two mornings a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Besides that we are still receiving our weekly CSA box and trying to find new ways to prepare our vegetables. We are staying busy with our mom's group, but look forward to next month when Anthony will travel much less :)


Family Time in FL

Anthony, Ethan and I went to FL this month from the 4th-13th. We were there to celebrate the life of Anthony's Grandmother, Carla, who had past away earlier this year. We all shared wonderful stories and pictures. We also soaked up plenty of sun while we were there. We went to New Symrna beach, Sea World Orlando, and spent a lot of time in the pool. It was a wonderful trip and great to see so much of the family.


Summer is here and it is HOT!

 early mornings at the park
 riverside days parade

 ice cream at sebastian joes
 relaxing at elm creek pond
 rides in delano for the 4th
 4th of July dinner
 homemade strawberry jam
 first tomatoes ready to pick
 morning walks
csa box- week 6
hamel rodeo!

We have had a busy summer so far. We have taken advantage of our pool and Elm Creek Pond memberships, that is for sure! Anthony, Ethan and I even checked out Cascade Bay a water park in Eagan one really hot weekend. It was fun because Ethan is now able to go down the big water slides with one of us. We have been enjoying our weekly vegetable box and are having fun with new recipes and ways to cook the veggies. One of my favorites so far has been beets chips! 

Next week we will be heading north for the 3rd annual Family cabin trip. This year we are heading to the Gull Lake area. After that long weekend we will be home for a week and then leaving for Florida to visit Anthony's family. It just doesn't slow down- but we love it!