We have been busy so far in August. Ethan has been busy learning many new "tricks." He can now clap, raise his arms up when we say, "so big!" and even signs "more" when he is eating and would like...well more!
We bought Ethan his first baseball cap & he leaves it on for the most part. He looks like such a big boy in this picture- where has our little baby gone?
Anthony, Ethan & I had a great night in our neighborhood for National Night Out. It was this first year our community participated and it was really neat to meet more people in the area. Plus I won a target gift card in the raffle!
Last weekend Ethan and I went home to visit family and friends and finally got to meet my cousin Emily's little girl, Hattie. Ethan and Hattie got to play together for just a short time, as they were on opposite schedules for the morning: Hattie had just woken up and Ethan was ready to go down for a nap. Hattie was a such a sweet little baby, smiling and very happy. We look forward to seeing them again in September at Joe and Jessica's wedding.
Ethan 8 months old & Hattie 9 months old

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  1. Ah great pics Elizabeth. Would you mind emailing those to me. I didn't have my camera. It was so fun to finally meet Ethan as well. See you in a few weeks!!